What You Need to Know About Tooth Bonding for Gaps

Tooth Bonding for Gaps in El Dorado AR Area

Because teeth challenges like stains, damage, and decay are never far from us, cosmetic dentistry services offered by W Paul Burns DDS are pivotal in correcting these imperfections. And one such procedure is cosmetic bonding. If you are worried about teeth gap treatments that appear unnatural or awkward, don’t fret because tooth bonding for gaps in El Dorado, Arkansas, can help you achieve a natural, confident smile. The results are so authentic that only you and your dentist will know you underwent the procedure.

What is dental bonding?

Cosmetic bonding uses a tooth-colored material (composite resin) to correct your smile imperfections. The material is applied to the affected teeth and cured to harden. Then, your dentist polishes and shapes your treated teeth to ensure they closely resemble your other natural teeth. Dental bonding is recommended to:

  • Fix chipped or broken teeth
  • Fill gaps on your teeth
  • Correct your bite function
  • To lengthen your tooth or change its shape
  • Restoring cavities on front teeth
  • Correct teeth discoloration

Why choose dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a popular, go-to procedure for many patients looking to improve their smile. It’s preferred because it’s affordable, requires one appointment, and transforms your smile easily and quickly. Besides, tooth bonding is versatile enough to fix numerous dental imperfections.

Are there any risks with the procedure?

Dental bonding is a fairly straightforward procedure that takes about an hour to achieve dramatic results for your smile. However, one downside of the method is that the material used (composite resin) isn’t as strong as your natural teeth. As such, it may wear off quickly, especially if you have a habit of biting your nails or chewing hard materials.

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How to take care of the bonded teeth?

It’s essential to take care of your bonded teeth just as you do with your natural teeth. Regular flossing and brushing will do the trick. However, since the bonding material is susceptible to staining, avoid substances like tobacco, soda, wine, and coffee.

Dental bonding near me 

At W Paul Burns DDS, we believe happiness starts with a smile. It’s our passion to see every El Dorado resident donning their dream smile. If you would like to improve your smile with dental bonding, please contact (870) 686-4232 to book an appointment with Dr. Paul Burns.

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