TMJ Diagnosis Process offered by an experienced Dentist serving the residents of El Dorado, AR

Millions of people live with TMJ (the short term for the temporomandibular joint disorder). Unfortunately, you may not even know you have the condition without going through the TMJ diagnosis process, which is offered to residents in El Dorado, Arkansas, or surrounding communities. The good news is that TMJ is a highly treatable condition with many effective treatment options available. We can help you with the process of diagnosing your condition and identifying effective treatments for your specific symptoms and causes.

TMJ Diagnosis Process at W Paul Burns DDS in El Dorado AR Area

How Does the TMJ Diagnosis Process Work?

For the most part, you will visit our office if you experience any common symptoms associated with TMJ. Signs to look for include the following:

  • Your mouth pops or clicks when you open it.
  • You’re experiencing frequent ear pain.
  • Your neck hurts often.
  • It feels as if your jaw is locked in either an open or closed position.
  • You’re experiencing chronic headaches.
  • Your ears ring.
  • You may have difficulty hearing.
  • Your teeth ache.
  • Your jaw hurts.

In some cases, the pain from TMJ can be intense. If left unchecked, though, it can lead to severe medical conditions, including anxiety, depression, poor nutrition, fractured teeth, swelling of the jaw, and more.

What to Expect During the Diagnostic Process

When you visit W Paul Burns DDS with symptoms of TMJ, Dr. Paul Burns may first conduct a visual inspection of your mouth where he observes the range of motion of your jaw, listens for sounds when you open and close your mouth, and presses on different areas to judge the level of discomfort you’re experiencing.

For diagnostic purposes, he may order dental x-rays, a CT scan, or even an MRI to ascertain the nature of your condition and the best treatment options for your needs.  Call (870) 686-4232 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Paul Burns and the W Paul Burns DDS team in El Dorado, AR, if you need a TMJ diagnosis.

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