How is TMJ Pain Diagnosed and Treated?

How is TMJ Pain Diagnosed and Treated in El Dorado AR Area?

Your mouth has a bigger impact on your health than you might imagine. Taking the time to consider what might be causing your jaw pain and learning how to treat it can help you get the best results possible. For those looking for TMJ diagnosis and treatment El Dorado AR, W Paul Burns DDS can help.

What is TMJ and What are the Causes?

  • Tension
  • Grinding teeth
  • Clenching jaw

The TMJ muscle, or temporomandibular joint is the joint in the jaw that helps to hold your lower jaw in place and allows it to move when you talk or when you are eating, opening, and closing your jaw and more. This is a necessary muscle that does help to keep your jaw in place, and it can become very tense, tight and it can also cause your head to hurt, neck pain and more. TMJ pain is often caused by holding tension and stress in the jaw, by clenching the jaw, or by grinding your teeth.

You can also develop TMJ due to stress and problems in your life that might be making you hold tension in your face, that might be causing you to grind your teeth in your sleep or when you are not thinking of it and more. TMJ pain can be debilitating, it can make it hard to eat, talk, sleep, it can cause pain in the jaw, the neck, the head and more.

TMJ pain can be responsible for making your head hurt, for causing you to lose sleep, and can also cause your neck to hurt. If you have TMJ pain or feel that you might, seeing a dentist can help you to find a solution that is going to work well for you. Your dentist can help you to get bite grips, mouthguards, dental splints and more that can help your teeth stay in the correct position so that you can are going to feel great and your TMJ will start to let up.

Your dentist can help to diagnose your TMJ, find the treatment that is going to work best for you, and that is going to address your TMJ and what is going on. TMJ is something that can affect anyone and taking the time to get treatment is key.

For those in the El Dorado AR area, Dr. Paul Burns with W Paul Burns DDS can help, call (870) 686-4232.

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