Teeth Bonding for Gaps in El Dorado AR: What Is Dental Bonding?

Teeth Bonding for Gaps in El Dorado AR Area: What Is Dental Bonding?

Many people have imperfections and abnormalities that affect their smile. Gaps and chips in the teeth are common and can make a person extremely self-conscious. In El Dorado, AR, dental bonding for gaps is one of the best ways to correct many of these abnormalities and restore your smile.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Dental bonding uses a tinted composite to form a tooth’s shape and minimize the appearance of any imperfections. After cleaning the teeth, the dentist will roughen the tooth’s surface and apply the composite resin. Before the resin hardens, the dentist will use the composite to form the shape of a tooth. As soon as the resin hardens, the resulting tooth will be the same color as the surrounding teeth, and the shape will be uniform in nature.

What Abnormalities Will Bonding Correct?

Dental bonding is effective for correcting many abnormalities and imperfections of the teeth.

  • Abnormally shaped
  • Gaps
  • Smaller than normal teeth
  • Covers stains and discolorations
  • Lengthens the crown area
  • Protects the roots

Your dentist can mix the composite, adding the appropriate tint. Once the chosen teeth have been properly prepared, the dentist will apply and shape the composite resin and allow it to harden. It will take approximately 30 minutes for each tooth to be prepared, bonded, and shaped appropriately.

Are Dental Bondings Permanent?

Dental bondings are intended to be perfect. If they are thoroughly taken care of, they may last for many years. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting your dentist regularly will help maintain the bondings to last quite a long time. The resin used to create the bonding matrix can withstand different temperatures but may crack if it experiences a direct hit.

Are you interested to know more about teeth bonding and how you can use it to fix gaps in your smile? Call Dr. Paul Burns in El Dorado, AR. At W Paul Burns DDS, existing patients can call (870) 862-5456. New patients must call (870) 686-4232 to schedule an appointment. Talk to Dr. Burns and find out if teeth bonding is for you!

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