Just How Important is Routine Dental Care?

Routine Dental Care at W Paul Burns DDS in El Dorado AR Area

Your smile is too important to leave to chance. Routine dental care from the office of W. Paul Burns DDS can help you maintain good oral health to protect your smile. Through routine care, your dentist can catch dental issues early when they are easier to treat. This can help you avoid major issues that require extensive dental care later. We recommend you schedule bi-annual dental checkups and cleanings to protect your teeth.

What to Expect from a Routine Dental Visit

During a routine visit, Dr. Paul Burns will examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay or disease. In addition, x-rays might be taken to check the health of bone structure beneath the gums. 

If we uncover dental issues, we will discuss these with you and recommend options for treatment. Otherwise, we will proceed with our professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Finally, we will polish your teeth to leave them smooth and shiny.

Benefits of Regular Dental Care

Regular dental visits are an important aspect of preventative dental care. It is the part you do to protect and preserve your teeth. Dental issues often start small. Through regular checkups, Dr. Burns can detect and treat minor dental problems before becoming major issues that are more costly and time-consuming to treat. There is also the risk of problems like tooth infections and periodontal disease-causing irreversible damage to your teeth and gums, resulting in loss of permanent teeth.

By scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings, you benefit from:

  • Early detection and treatment of minor dental issues
  • Prevention of major dental problems that can cause extensive damage to your teeth
  • Prevention of gum disease
  • Healthier gums and teeth through professional dental cleanings
  • Education on dental hygiene and care to improve your oral health
  • Professional counsel on dental procedures that can enhance your smile

There is no substitute for regular dental exams and cleanings to preserve the beauty of your smile. To schedule a dental exam and cleaning with Dr. Paul Burns, your dental specialist in El Dorado, Arkansas, call (870) 686-4232 or visit our office today.

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