Most Frequently Asked Questions on Replacing Missing Teeth in El Dorado AR

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Replacing Missing Teeth in El Dorado AR Area

Missing teeth will have a direct effect on your smile. Plus, it impacts how you chew your food, speak in public settings, and build self-confidence. The office of Dr. Paul Burns DDS can assist all patients with replacing a missing tooth in the El Dorado AR area. We aim to help rebuild your smile in no time.

Here are the most frequently asked questions on replacing missing teeth:

What Causes Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth is a fairly common issue with adults. Many dentists believe there are three common causes: genetic condition, tooth decay, and gum disease.

It is rare, but some individuals are born without some of their teeth. Often, it is due to a genetic trait within their own family. Usually, tooth decay begins with one cavity, and if not treated, it could develop into a critical dental issue. Often, bacteria form and eat away at a tooth’s enamel. The decay becomes too severe to save the tooth, so it will need to be removed and replaced. Gum disease deteriorates the strength of the jawbone that results in eventual tooth loss.

How to Replace Missing Teeth?

There are several tooth replacement choices available to meet your specific dental needs. It is all about making the right choice that works best for your lifestyle and maintaining your smile. Some of the more common replacement options include dental bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures. Each designed for a specific oral issue.

Dental bridges work best for a missing tooth, while dental implants can replace two or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are the more affordable choice among all the tooth replacement options available. Each helps to preserve your smile, jawline, and everyday lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of Replacing Teeth?

Immediately, you gain a variety of benefits after replacing missing teeth in your mouth. Each tooth replacement option offers long-term solutions as they look and feel like your former natural teeth. In addition to the design, tooth replacement options help to preserve your jaw’s density from any complications of tooth loss. The insertion of a dental bridge, implants, or dentures helps to promote bone growth in the area. That will help to protect your remaining teeth and maintain your original facial structure.

Replacing missing teeth can be challenging, but Dr. Paul Burns can help patients decide on the appropriate replacement options. His expertise will help you to regain your natural smile once again. To learn more, call at (870) 686-4232 to schedule an appointment today.

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