Explore the Process for Getting Natural Looking Dentures in El Dorado AR

Explore the Process for Getting Natural Looking Dentures in El Dorado AR Area

Are you missing teeth? Are some of your teeth yellowed or crooked? There are countless reasons for tooth loss and an imperfect smile. The good news is that natural-looking dentures in El Dorado AR can ensure you get the smile you want. At W Paul Burns DDS, you can learn about the denture process to determine if it is the right solution for you.

The Benefits Offered by Dentures

Dentures are designed to address the problems that you are currently facing. You may need partial or full dentures – it all depends on how many teeth are missing or how many extractions need to be made.

The truth is that missing teeth can cause oral hygiene problems. Dentures help solve that issue and offer other benefits – like improving the function of chewing, improving your smile’s appearance, and providing you with more confidence.

If you are concerned about dentures slipping or falling out, it is important to understand that dentures have advanced much over the past few years. There are clasps, natural suction, and more to help you keep the dentures in place.

How to Get Natural-Looking Dentures

The reality is that not all dentures are created equally. Some slip when you talk. Others won’t allow you to eat certain foods. Some look as fake as they feel. If you are going to invest in natural-looking dentures in El Dorado, AR, Dr. Paul Burns can help. You can get affordable dentures by choosing someone specializing in dentures that look (and feel) natural.

The process of getting dentures starts with a consultation. Then, there are a few steps:

  • Get a tooth and gum evaluation
  • Have impressions made of your teeth
  • Wait for a lab to custom-fabricate the dentures
  • Get a custom fit and adjustment

Dentures should be able to match the fit and function that you demand. With the right dentist, all things are possible.

Getting dentures can be affordable and provide you with a great smile. Forget about what you think you know about dentures. Book your appointment with W Paul Burns DDS today by calling (870) 686-4232.

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