How are Your Teeth and Headaches Related?

What Tooth Issues Cause Headache in El Dorado AR Area

Headaches are so difficult to deal with and can cause a ton of problems with your day-to-day life. Issues with your teeth and your bite can cause headaches and your dentist can help to diagnose and treat these issues. For those looking for causes for headache El Dorado AR, W Paul Burns DDS can help.

What Tooth Issues Cause Headaches?

  • TMJ Pain
  • Misaligned jaw
  • Muscle strain

There are a huge range of issues with your teeth and your jaw that can lead to headache. The first is TMJ pain. The temporomandibular joint is the joint that holds the jaw in place and allows it to move back and forth and allows you to chew and do other things with your jaw. When that muscle is too tight, too tense or when you are holding tension in that muscle it can cause neck strain and can then cause headache.

Another issue can be a misaligned jaw, this can cause an off bite which can then cause tension in the head and neck which can lead to headache and tension. This can cause you to get a tension headache which can be worsened with gritting your teeth, with holding tension in the jaw, and with grinding your teeth when you are sleeping or when you are awake as well. Muscle strain is another cause of problems with headache and neck ache as well. These are all issues that can make it so hard to figure out what the problem is and how to remedy it.

Your dentist can help you with headache pain and with other problems that might be causing your headache. For TMJ pain you can always use a bite guard, you can get a dental splint and you can also get a bite guard. These can all help to make your jaw less tense; it can help to alleviate the stress and it can also help to keep those dental muscles loose so that they are not going to be so tense and help with headache. You do not have to live with pain.

For those in the El Dorado AR area, W Paul Burns DDS and Dr. Paul Burns can help you to get your headaches under control and help with your jaw muscle pain as well. Call (870) 686-4232 for new patients and (870) 862-5456 for existing patients to set up an appointment today.

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