Reclaim Your Life with Full Mouth Rejuvenation

Are you suffering from dental damage, bone loss, or missing teeth? First, we feel for you because we don’t like seeing your smile in a world of hurt. We understand how poor oral health can affect your everyday life. But whether the cause of your condition is trauma, chemotherapy, tooth decay, or poor oral hygiene, there is hope for residents in El Dorado, Arkansas. Full mouth rejuvenation from W Paul Burns DDS can restore your oral health to its former self or give you a smile you have never had!

Full Mouth Rejuvenation in El Dorado AR Area

Who are candidates for total mouth rejuvenation?

Wondering who is a perfect candidate for full mouth reconstruction? If you miss teeth or have severe dental trauma, Dr. Paul Burns recommends complete mouth rejuvenation. Other issues that may point you in the direction of full mouth rehabilitation include:

  • TMJ related symptoms, including headaches, neck pain, and popping jaw
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Sleep disorders
  • Broken/chipped teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Uneven bite

Full mouth reconstruction infuses a series of treatments to restore the health of your teeth to enable you to function and live comfortably. Our team combines years of experience in full mouth reconstruction with a comprehensive understanding of your oral anatomy for personalized treatment.

Using Bio-Rejuvenation to restore your oral health

Traditional medicine addresses the symptoms when a patient has a broken filling, ringing in the ears, or neck pain. However, Bio-Rejuvenation dentistry takes the approach of treating the whole chewing system, and not just the affected parts only. This treatment aims to stabilize the jaw and relax the chewing muscles to alleviate TMJ-related symptoms.

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Unlike cosmetic dentistry that aims to beautify your smile, Bio-Rejuvenation dentistry’s goal is to restore the full function of your mouth — not just the looks. Condylar Centering Orthotic Device (C2O) is a popular treatment used to stabilize your jaws. Once through with this treatment, your dentist may use one or a combination of the procedures below to restore your oral functionality:

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