In a perfect world, we would all keep all of our natural teeth for our lifetime. But life happens! Injuries, decay, and disease can all lead to tooth loss, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with the reduced function and negative impact on your smile that missing teeth can cause. With a variety of customized denture options at the dental practice of Dr. W. Paul Burns, DDS, patients in the El Dorado, Union County, Magnolia, Camden, and neighboring AR communities can restore the function and appearance of their smile.


When people think about dentures, the first thing that typically comes to mind are the unnatural-looking dentures from decades ago. Thanks to many modern dental advances, patients now have more denture options than ever before to replace missing teeth in a way that fits their needs, budget, and preferences.

  • Full dentures replace a full arch of teeth after extractions or tooth loss
  • Partial dentures replace only one or a few missing teeth
  • Removable dentures are kept in place in your mouth with natural suction or clasps, and are completely removable for oral hygiene purposes and while you sleep
  • Permanent dentures, or implant-supported dentures, are secured in your mouth with four or more strategically placed dental implants
  • Immediate dentures are placed on the same day as dental extractions so you don’t need to go for any length of time without your teeth


From removable partial dentures to full permanent dentures and everything in between, we are here to help you determine the best choice for your specific oral health needs and lifestyle. The process starts with a consultation in which Dr. Burns will evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone and talk with you at length about the pros and cons of your various options. When you are ready to move forward, we take dental impressions that are used to custom-fabricate your denture in a laboratory from modern dental materials.

When you come in to pick up your denture, we will go over everything you need to know about how to take care of your denture, how to ease the adjustment period, and when to call us. If you are having issues with your denture, such as slipping irritation on your gums, we are just a phone call away and will evaluate the best way to improve your denture’s fit and function.


At our denture clinic, you can rely on us to use high-quality materials that last, a custom-designed fit and natural appearance that reflects your unique personality, and a supportive team-from helping with your initial transition to living with dentures to ongoing check-ups and adjustments to maintain the perfect fit, we are here for you. Call the dental practice of Dr. W. Paul Burns, DDS today at (870) 686-4232 to schedule your denture consultation!