5 Benefits of Composite Teeth Fillings in El Dorado

5 Benefits of Composite Teeth Fillings in El Dorado Area

Fillings are the method dentists use to repair the damage caused by cavities and tooth decay on your teeth. Of the numerous types of fillings used to restore teeth, composite teeth fillings are among the most popular due to matching your teeth’ color more closely. By discussing this option with Dr. W. Paul Burns, your El Dorado, AR, dentist, you can determine if composite fillings are the best choice for you.

Advantages of Composite Teeth Fillings

There are many advantages to choosing composite resin fillings over gold, amalgam, or ceramic fillings for your teeth. Here are just a few:

Less Drilling – Before filling a tooth, it needs drilling to remove sections damaged by decay. Some fillings require a lot of drilling and a lot of removal of your natural tooth. With composite resin fillings, there’s less drilling as we can retain most of your tooth—the filling bonds to your natural tooth, strengthening its overall structure. The procedure is quick and effective in repairing your tooth.

Reduces Tooth Sensitivity – Composite resin fillings insulate your teeth, making them less sensitive to hot or cold temperatures and reducing tooth sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages or consuming hot or cold foods.

Is Used to Repair Chips and Cracks on Teeth – The durability and natural appearance of composite resin make it the right choice for repairing chips or cracks on your teeth. We can even create composite resin veneers to cover permanent stains on your teeth to make them white again.

Repairable – If your composite filling is accidentally damaged or starts to degrade due to excessive use, it can be cleaned or repaired to restore its function.

Natural Appearance – Composite resin fillings can be made to match your teeth’ color, which allows them to blend in with the rest of your teeth for a more natural, attractive appearance.

To learn more about composite teeth fillings or schedule a dental exam and cleaning in El Dorado, AR, contact Dr. W. Paul Burns‘ dental practice at (870) 686-4232

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