What is the Clear Dental Aligners Process with an El Dorado AR Dentist?

What is the Clear Dental Aligners Process with an El Dorado AR Area Dentist?

Straight teeth are something that many people wish they had. Traditional braces are an excellent way to get straight teeth, but they can be painful, unsightly, and cause undue stress and anxiety. Clear aligners are an ideal way to get those straight teeth that you have always wanted without the use of traditional braces. For those looking for help with clear dental aligners in El Dorado AR, Dr. Paul Burns and the W Paul Burns DDS team can help.

What are Clear Dental Aligners, and how are They Fitted?

Clear aligners like Invisalign teeth aligners are a type of aligner used to move teeth in the mouth to a new position gradually. Much like traditional braces, they are adjusted each month to move the tooth a fraction of an inch to put it closer to the proper place that it should be in. The process is lengthy, but many say that it is less painful, less stressful, and overall, more satisfying in process and result than traditional braces.

The Clear Aligners Process

The first step is to get to a dentist and be referred to have the aligners made and put in your mouth. Your dentist will assess if you are a suitable candidate for aligners; they will outline the procedure with you and start the process. After you have your consultation, your dentist will take impressions. That helps them see where exactly your teeth are and get the correct measurements for where the teeth need to be moved.

In most cases, your dentist will use computer mapping to help determine where your teeth will be moving to and help make each new aligner as your treatment progresses. The next step is to wait for your first aligner. It will be tight – that is the point; it helps to move the teeth a very small amount each month until they are where they need to be. Each month you will get a new aligner that moves your teeth another fraction of an inch.

Generally, this process does take a few months and can even take years, depending on how crooked your teeth are when you start. It is an excellent alternative to traditional braces and can help you get the perfect teeth you have always wanted.

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