Teeth Whitening with Dentist in El Dorado AR: How Long Does it Last?

Teeth Whitening Dentist at W Paul Burns DDS in El Dorado AR Area

If you regularly drink tea, coffee, wine, or smoke, your teeth will eventually become stained. And to give your smile a ‘facelift,’ you may have to consider teeth whitening. While whitening kits are available in drug and grocery stores, you need to visit your dentist for professional treatment to get the results you want. Before you begin the whitening process, your dentist will thoroughly clean the tartar and plaque off your teeth. That will lighten the enamel even before the whitening procedure. Once you’ve committed to getting your teeth whitened, you may wonder how long the effects will last. There … Continue reading

Dr. Paul Burns of Paul Burns DDS, W. Fifth St., El Dorado, AR

Dr. Paul Burns is an experienced, well-respected dentist currently serving patients in and around El Dorado, AR. Originally an El Dorado resident himself, Dr. Burns attended SAU and the Universi-ty of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, receiving a Doctoral of Dental Surgery Degree in 1990. He practiced for 27 years in St. Louis before returning to El Dorado to bring his philosophy of patient-centric, conservative dental care to patients in his hometown. A member of many reputa-ble dental boards, Dr. Burns offers extensive general, cosmetic and restorative services to enhance the natural beauty of his patients’ smiles.